June 15, 2019

Saturday, 10am - 3pm
Cousler Park, York

Free Admission. Free Entertainment. Free Fun.

Tips for Attendees

Below are some helpful tips for enjoying the festival.

  1. Dress appropriately for an outdoor summer event. Comfortable shorts and a t-shirt are recommended. It might be a very hot day. It could rain. Avoid tight-fitting clothing and dark colors to help prevent overheating. Please dress appropriately for a family-oriented event.
  2. Comfortable shoes are a must! The park is large and we’re going to cover every inch of it that we can. Be prepared to get a little exercise while enjoying the festival!
  3. Bring a bag packed with these essentials: sunscreen, sunglasses, bottled water and an umbrella. Your kids will have prizes and crafts to take home, and you might do some shopping from our exhibitors, too. It’s much easier to throw a bookbag over your shoulder than to hold everything!
  4. The Food Court will have vendors with food and drinks available for purchase. You may opt to bring a picnic lunch from home, if you’d prefer.
  5. The Comfort Station is the place to go if you need first aid, water or have any other emergency. We want parents to know that the Comfort Station exists for your special needs.
  6. Lost & Found will be at the Central Penn Parent booth.
    Expert Tip: PA State Police advise parents to take a picture of their children just before going into a crowded event or park. “When you lose a child obviously you get a bit frantic, your memory might not be the best. You might not be able to remember what your child was wearing that day,” Trooper Robert Hicks said. An easy way to help staff and security know what to be on the lookout for is by taking a picture that morning just before you enter the Festival. It’s also a good idea to tell your kids to go to a a specific location or person if they get lost. Central Penn Parent staff members will be stationed throughout the festival at entrance points and each featured activity (bounce houses, the performance stage, etc.) and can be identified by their bright orange shirts. Any exhibitor should also be able to assist them in finding one of our team members.
  7. Remember: impressionable youngsters are enjoying the day. Please refrain from smoking and foul language.
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